How Does Fat Leave Our Body

Of course now that I am thirty, over the past 6 months I have been working towards being in the best shape of my life in my 30’s. I have always been into being fit and athletics, but naturally that slowed down in my 20’s. There are so many people I look towards for inspiration, but very few that I know myself, many people say they want to look like “A” but very few actually stick to it and do it. Jada Pinkett-Smith is my girl, and I love that woman. So, to describe where I am trying to be and trying to get to is “Getting’ my Jada Pinkett-Smith On.”  I am very confident in my body and I love it, but I want to look in the mirror and see my body in a way I have never see it before, Slim and Chiseled!

So, before I head out to the gym I was thinking about how exactly the fat leaves your body. I have heard you expel it in your urine and sweat. That sounds good, but I kind of what the exact full details and all the options in which it “disappears” as we lose weight. I know that fat cells remain in your body once they’re there, they only shrink. This is why people get Lipo, to remove the fat cells completely. Fat remains stored in our body so that we have a defense in case we are unable to nourish our bodies, the stored fat will be used like a generator. I think that was pretty darn smart of God, to add that lil feature to us, don’t you?

This is what I have found on my E-research! Detox

-Fat goes through a transition throughout the body.

-Fat changes and breaks down into different compounds and enters the bloodstream.

-When The Fat composition (all the technical mumbo jumbo that the fat breaks down into) enters the Liver and Muscle Cells.

-The process of which Fat is used as energy takes place.

-During this process the composition from the Fat is broken down again into Carbon Dioxide, Heat and Water.

-The Carbon Dioxide is release from our Lungs (exhalation).

-The water leaves the body in the form of Urine and Sweat.

-The heat that is generated from the fat is used to warm the body and keep it at 98.7 degrees and completely energize the body and heart.


So, now we know, in a very simple form. So, you know what that means! We all need to pee and sweat as much as possible *wink*


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